Lighting Systems


Techshot Lighting's BATLITE system is designed specifically for military field applications, using up to 60% less energy than other lights, and boasting an unprecedented life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours. The BATLITE system can be installed in any tent, anytime, and can even be installed at the factory. More important, the lights can be rolled up with the tent at breakdown without damage, ready to plug in and turn on immediately the next time the tent is set up. Designed to disperse light evenly across the workspace area, each BATLITE light can plug into a standard outlet and be independently operated, or they can be plugged into one another for up to 60 lights from one single outlet. Each BATLITE light can be in any of the three operating modes (normal, blackout and off) without impacting the status of the other lights plugged into the chain. Plugged into one standard outlet, the optional Master Control Switch can change the state of operation of all 60 lights from the normal, blackout or off mode at a flip of a single switch.




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