The RDS is a rapidly deployable, highly expeditionary shelter system proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable systems on the market today. This patented truss-style frame system is stronger and more durable than standard “Scissor” style frames and can withstand 300 lbs. hanging load at any point on the frame. When it comes to force protection at remote base operations – worldwide – in any operating environment, the RDS is clearly the most durable, versatile shelter system.


Tactically Superior Design

When the RDS is deployed, it forms a structural truss. The advantage of the structural truss is a static load strength to pass 10 lbs. per square foot snow loads without the need for additional braces. In addition, the advantage of fewer moving parts/locking pin locations is less failure modes and greater system reliability. Other fast set up structures rely upon “scissor” system designs, with tubes and pins as the major load bearing element, with greater bending stress during deployment and the greatest opportunity for failure in the field.


Characteristics include:

  • One of the fastest shelters on the market, mission-ready in under 10 minutes
  •  9 sizes available to meet the needs of first responders, forward command operations, medical and surgical suites, logistics, billeting, food prep/service and other remote base operations
  • Truss-style frame system is stronger and more durable than standard “scissor” style frames
  • Fewer moving parts means less damage and breakage
  • No overhead lift
  • Hanging load of 300 lbs. at any point on the frame
  • Does not require extra kits for snow, wind or rain load
  • TEMPER vestibule adapter comes standard on each tent
  • No special knowledge for in-the-field repairs – most repairs can easily be completed in less than 15 minutes with parts from the included accessory kit
  • Meets or exceeds all military performance requirements