Eureka! Expeditionary Systems, with proven, reliable and safe shelter solutions – and the international partners to secure funding for disaster and refugee relief projects – is equipped to aid the International Community in providing temporary shelter for relief and humanitarian aid where it’s needed most…quickly and efficiently.



The International Community is facing an unprecedented number of displace people as the result of military conflicts and natural disasters. This has prompted many countries to open their borders and provide a location to establish temporary shelter and relief camps. Considered a short-term solution with the aim of meeting basic human needs, most disaster and refugee camps are established by a government entity, the United Nations, or an international relief organization. Most countries have an immediate need for shelter solutions for this growing population of forcibly uprooted people, whether it be from war, persecution, conflict or natural disasters.


Choosing the right shelter is the starting point, the cornerstone on which to build a safe, secure and sustainable disaster or refugee relief camp.


Led by our flagship brand – Eureka! Tents – our team can help you determine which tent system (or mixture of tent types and sizes) is best suited to meet your immediate need. Our disaster and refugee relief products range from 2-person camping shelters to larger, modular tents used to shelter thousands of people. Together with our team of supply partners, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide the products necessary for disaster and refugee relief. This includes identifying the appropriate camp layout, shelters to use, and other requirements such as lighting, flooring, ECU’s, latrines, etc.


When it comes to disaster and refugee relief, we understand that getting shelter to the affected areas as fast as possible is the #1 priority.


Working together with governments, military branches and humanitarian relief organization, we can put the suppliers together with the right products, and put these groups together with the right funding sources. We’re your one-stop-shop for shelter solutions with a menu of additional options needed for a variety of relief scenarios.