One of the greatest wastes of energy at Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) is thermal transfer through the poor insulation of soft shelters. Shelters with low R-value (thermal efficacy) will conduct heat/cold more easily, requiring more fuel and more generators to keep them at habitable temperatures.  According to the Navy SBIR N103-193, generators that power ECUs to heat/cool shelters account for 75-80% of the total fuel usage of the US Military’s FOBs.  The most effective way to reduce the fuel usage is to target these inefficiencies.


Eureka! investigated a number of technologies to be used in the development of a thermally-efficient insulating design for shelter systems. This effort is highly technical with extensive testing and analysis. We compiled available research, employed outside engineering support and contracted with local universities to complement our staff of designers in the development of proposed technologies.  The end result is a liner system that is superior over every other thermal liner system in the industry in terms of the three most important characteristics:

•  R-Value (thermal efficiency/performance)
•  Logistics (pack size, install time, ease of use)
•  Cost


Eureka!’s Themal Liner system is available for the RDS, MGPTS and can also be used to create customized liner to fit with any currently fielded shelter system.