Flooring Systems


For more than 20 years, Bike Track has provided durable, modular, hardened plastic flooring to military, government, and private organizations worldwide. As part of the EES Team, Bike Track's easily assembled, no-tools-required flooring is the ideal solution for temporary or permanent sheltering needs requiring portability, rapid deployment, electric/communications cable management, and minimal maintenance. Together with our partners, we've floored over 4 million square feet of earth, from small, single tent applications to complex, multi-shelter command posts. Our patented, anti-static, non-slip plastic flooring maintains its shape and durability over years of use and re-use in all types of harsh, indoor and outdoor environments. Its durability under even the toughest conditions makes it the ideal solution for military, government, commercial, and non-profit organizations requiring portable or permanent flooring that's impervious to conditions that limit the use and longevity of plywood. Bike Track flooring: minimal impact and maximum savings in both time and expense. Bike Track’s flooring solutions include 1” Flooring, 2” Flooring and 2” ICM Flooring w/Cable management




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